AixONU Team

Aix ONU is one of the most prestigious societies of the Institut d’Études Politiques of Aix-en-Provence. Its objective is to show how the United Nations Institutions works through simulations linked with current global issues. Since its founding in 2008, the events it organises have become essential to the life of the IEP. 

The team is composed of seven permanent members, all students in second year. Membership is open to everyone (IEP students and external students). We allow students to come together and share their knowledge of diplomacy and current events during weekly simulations organised within the IEP. They are conducted in French and English, our goal being to acquire a diplomatic English.

The key event of the society is Aix MUN that we organise every year in February. For a weekend, students from many universities in the PACA region and beyond meet for a Model United Nations in the colours of Provence. 

Aix ONU has been fortunate enough to participate for more than six years in the Harvard World Model United Nations and strives to continue this tradition whenever possible. The World MUN is a global event, organized by Harvard University, which brings together more than three thousand students. The Harvard World MUN celebrated this year its 28th year in Madrid: it was for each of us an unforgettable event!

President – Éloïse Leguérinel
Vice-President – Rozenn Poullain
Vice-President – Quentin Bétrancourt-Couaillet

Treasurer – Sara Wilmann

Simulation supervisor – Raphaël Beaghen

Communication supervisor – Cérine Kireche

Diplomatic journalism supervisor – Margot Guichoux