Aix MUN 2019

Diplomacy, debates, elegance, conversations, laughter, social events, friendliness, so many words to define AixMUN ! For a week-end, we all become more than just simple sciencepistes, we became real diplomats ! An unforgettable experience for all of us !

Divided in two committees – “UNESCO” and “Peacebuilding Committee” – each participant had the opportunity to debate about two fascinating subjects: “Safeguarding world heritage” and “Youth participation in peacebuilding” and, for a weekend, to build a utopian world.

For this 10th edition of Aix MUN, the scene is set immediately on Friday night with the opening ceremony. This prestigious soirée begins with a conference entitled “What future for the United Nations ?” with the participation of world class guests such as the Representative of the French Commission for UNESCO in charge of Human Rights or the political attaché at the United Kingdom embassy in France responsible for gender equality.

The opening ceremony continues by a cocktail party – with champagne and petits fours – and the first social event at the Before Aixois where conversations with international students and wild dancing mix together perfectly.

Saturday morning – even though waking up was difficult for some – the delegates come together to enjoy breakfast. Then when discover the chairs of each committee and go over the rules of procedures of Model United Nations (MUN).

An avalanche of “Honorable chairs, fellow delegates” ensues as each delegate explains its country’s point of view and defends with the goal of finding common ground to write resolution at the end of the week-end. This is followed by conversations between delegations, often in secret messages, debates and alliance begin to form.

Honorable chairs, fellow delegates

The lunch break is an opportunity to meet with friends and have conversations with international students. However, duty calls and everyone goes back to their committees to negotiate and work towards a working paper.

At night, everyone comes together for the second social event at L’Appart. Intense conversations around a drink for some, hands in the air and peculiar dancing for the others, the party keeps on going until the night is gone.

Despite the exhaustion of a night of wild partying, everyone gathers around a cup of coffee – actually two or three coffee – full of energy and determined to create the final resolution.

Delegates working on their resolutions

Resolutions are voted on in the afternoon, if one is consensual enough. Then we give a wide variety awards to the delegates, ranging from serious awards – the best delegate awards – to more fun ones – the best dressed delegate, the delegate most capable of launching a nuke, etc…

But what would a MUN be without the fun ? According to the famous Brazilian authour Paulo Coelho, “A diplomat who has fun is less dangerous than a diplomat who works” ! “Fun MUN” is an opportunity for everyone to relax and to put aside the seriousness required by the UN. The chairs ask some delegates to sing, joke, improvise a dance: laughter guaranteed ! The gossip box is another fun MUN moment. This box contains messages written by delegates often containing bad jokes about the chairs, other delegates or more serious comments on the atmosphere of the MUN. Every comment (except lewd ones) are read at the end to the pleasure of the audience !

Number One lesson at MUN: don’t be late !

Finally, a closing ceremony ends this 10th edition of AixMUN. Both committees attend, proud to have had the opportunity to find solutions to global issues. Then the AixONU team suprises the delegates by offering each delegate a rose, official emblem of nations.

Rich with emotions and debates, AixMUN will be remembered by the delegates as a unique and enriching experience. So come live this exceptional moment with us !

The future AixONU delegation to the WorldMUN

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