Aix ONU: Diplomacy in everyday life

World MUN, Euro MUN, Aix MUN: so many unique experiences, meetings, passionate debates, rejoicing which however require some training! That’s where Aix ONU comes in. To remedy this, the diplomatic society of the IEP accompanies you throughout the year by organising fun and educational learning sessions.

Every week, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., inside the famous IEP amphitheatres, students gather for a new diplomatic simulation. Placards in hand, some background notes in front of them, they hope to speak to represent the country they chose.

A simulation on the participation of woman in governance

Those regular simulations are at the heart of the activity of Aix ONU. Novices and experienced students can develop their speech and dialectical skills, their knowledge of global issues or their English skills: essential qualities to be a good delegate. Whether in anticipation of attending a MUN or just for fun, students take their role as representatives to heart, sometimes even taking on a special accent during their speeches or donning traditional clothing.

Under the watchful eye of the Chairs, the Sciencepistes get familiar with rules of procedure and the stages of negotiation until the long-awaited moment of the vote on the resolution, ending with great applause.

From environmental protection, to women’s rights, to the issue of nuclear rearmament, many current topic are concocted each year by the Aix ONU team.

Aix oNU also offers a second type of regular meetings to learn the theoretical aspect of the workings of a MUN simulations. Every month, workshops are organised at the IEP where members of the Aix ONU team (sometimes accompanied by members of other student societies (such as Aixloquence in 2018), will be at your disposal to answer your questions, give you advice and help you write Opening Speeches and Position Papers.

Model United Nations will soon have no more secrets for you

by Margot Roux

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