With more than 40 student society at the IEP, you have the right to ask yourself why join Aix ONU. Let’s review the 10 reasons that could help you decide to join us in this adventure !

  1. Develop diplomatic skills and oral fluency. You will discover it soon enough, Sciences Po Aix swear by group presentations. Each presentation will put your diplomatic skills to the test I order to work with your classmates and make a great presentations approved by every member of the group. So, start debating and learn to work with people who have different perspectives with Aix ONU !
  2. Improve your English. The UN is an intergovernmental organisation whose aims include stopping wars between countries and providing a platform for negotiations. All these negotiations are conducted in English. As a result, simulations and MUN will always be in English which is a good opportunity to improve your vocabulary and oral expression!
  3. Broaden your knowledge. At Sciences Po Aix, la Culture Générale is a sacred subject. The simulations offer you the opportunity to reflect on a wide variety of global issues. From nuclear energy to cryptocurrencies and youth participation in peacebuilding, they will allow you to discover the opinions of countries on a current global issue.
  4. Learn to speak in public. When you represent a country, you want to be heard and taken seriously. To catch your audiences’ attention, gestures, posture and rhetorical devices are three skills that you will develop this year.
  5. Travel. This year, Aix ONU is planning not one but two trips abroad. Thus after having been trained in the workings of diplomacy, you will be able to work with students form all over the world.
  6. Enrich your CV. Whether it is to obtain an internship or during a future job interview, having participated in MUNs is a real asset and a guarantee of quality. By doing so, you prove your ability to defend a viewpoint orally using an argumentative speech.
  7. Meet unforgettable people. Both within the society and during planned trips, Aix ONU advocated exchanges above all.
  8. Celebrate. Yes ! Diplomats also need to relax! During MUNs, social events are organised where delegations participating in the conference meet in a festive atmosphere in the evening.
  9. Attend conference of leading diplomatic and/or political figures. The 2018-2019 Aix ONU delegation was able to meet members of the French Embassy in Madrid and even hear a speech from the King of Spain !
  10. Step out of your comfort zone. The diversity of the countries represented expresses the plurality of viewpoints of countries on the same topic. To reach a resolution, we must understand viewpoints that are sometimes contradictory to our own and seek compromises. thus, Aix ONU is also a way of shaking up the way you think to understand other paradigms.

As you will have understood, Aix ONU is a very diverse society ! We look forward to having you with us !

by Mathieu Favier

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